• SDSE: Simple Drum Sounds Exporter

    From VST to WAV, DSND and DKIT in one click Read More
  • DrumIt Manager: more tools for your 2Box DrumIt Five and DrumIt Three

    2box kit editor, manage your .dkit files, tune your .dsnd files Read More
  • Closemul: emulator frontend helper

    Add features to any emulator or program Read More
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  • support for GetGood Drums P4 Matt Halpern Signature Pack (with Invasion mapping)
  • 2box, hihat: the hihat adjustments from before 2.9 are back, in a new way. It allows to duplicate zones when needed without increasing the dsnd file size.
  • 2box, Velocity Curve: Loudness option, to base curve on loudness instead of volume (does not preserve original sample order)
  • 2box Convert: fix for potential issue on some computers when converting from individual .wav to .dsnd
  • 2box, Convert: fix to use both the order and velocities when using a velocities.map file to convert from individual .wav to .dsnd
  • 2box, Convert: improved sorting order when converting from individual .wav to .dsnd
  • 2box, Convert: fixed issue when converting from less common .wav formats - thanks to tsss27 for reporting and testing.
  • Superior Drummer 3: fix to find EZX expansions installed as "Additional Libraries".
  • Export: fixes when exporting from an unsupported VST.
  • support for REAPER v6.12c