• SDSE: Simple Drum Sounds Exporter

    From VST to WAV, DSND and DKIT in one click Read More
  • DrumIt Manager: more tools for your 2Box DrumIt Five and DrumIt Three

    2box kit editor, manage your .dkit files, tune your .dsnd files Read More
  • Closemul: emulator frontend helper

    Add features to any emulator or program Read More
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SDSE 2.8.1
  • EZD2: support for EZdrummer 2 Demo
  • Convert: fixed default Maximize option (ride cymbals were not always set as loud as possible)
  • SD2: normalize zones when the "remove rim sounds on snare head" option is used
  • SD3: fixes to export custom kits with pieces from different SDX or from the same SDX that are loaded in different slots
  • 2box: fixed rare issue when saving .dsnd files (saving would fail)
  • fixed possible issue when selecting regions on REAPER 5.97
  • GetGood Drums Modern, Invasion: improved duplicate samples detection
  • SD2 accessibility: fixed possible issues with the presets menu (F10, Load/Save) and when saving to dsnd

DrumIt Manager 1.5.1
  • DSound Tuner, Match: fixed issue when matching velocities and volumes to a reference dsnd - thanks to Steven for reporting this