DrumIt Manager
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I also have SDSE and have left a testimonial about that excellent software. Top marks for the quality of the software and the excellent and prompt help.

I’ve only had the Drumit Manager software a few weeks now. The more I use it and see its many time saving features. I’m loving it. I’m really impressed with the quick response and support I’ve received from Lustark. They really know their product’s. Money well spent. Thanks

The Drumit Manager is a great tool for making any adjustments in an easy to use interface. The customer service is just unreal. He listens to your suggestions/feedback/issues and is ultra responsive making changes pretty much overnight. I would not hesitate to purchase anything from here, best service hands down. These tools are the reason i am using 2box over the competition currently. It just makes everything so easy to use and brings out the best in the module :)
Chris S.

I really have to say, that you did a wonderful job. Those tools are a joy to use and they are so damn helpful..

I want to say that DKit Manager is brilliant, not only for providing the ability to manage my DrumIt 5 settings, and to see related settings "at a glance", but also for helping me to understand the settings and the relationships between them in the first place.

A hugely powerful program - I've only just scratched the surface of what it can do! Just being able to re-organise kits easily is worth the money, but the in-depth and bulk editing will be essential as I dive deeper into my 2Box kit. Also, the DSound Tuner allows you to extract WAVs from the .dsnd files which is great if you want to re-import them into a new .dsnd file (i.e. adding 2 or 3 percussions sounds onto a single Cym Pad sound to be played on bell/bow/edge etc). Thanks very much for a superb program :)

This is a must have addition for your 2box it saves so much time editing. The support is great too.

Great products! Now I can drum it (five) my way ;-) Thanks a lot!
Geir N.

I play in an 80's revival show and we have about 45 tunes and I have an individual kit built differently for every one of them!! I was able to apply some 'verb fx to entire kits or individual instruments in a particular kit as needed and this has given me quite a selection of the same individual instrument to choose from when building new kits!!!

DrumIt Mgr works like charm! Very time saving and gives a good overview of your settings.

I can’t believe how easy it is, wicked software mate.
Paul Willard, Loopmasters

A great relief to configure the 2Box Brain. Provides excellent support!
Andreas S

As I'm getting into this, I can really see how indispensable your tools are!
Mark G

You hit it out of the park with the DKit Manager. Wow - fantastic!

I have 2 modules, both with 32GB SD cards. This software is very helpful for me. Thank you!!!!

I highly recommend this program for any Drumit 5 user, it makes the job so much easier and opens up new functions and possibilities. You've just realized what I wish for a long time, thank you.

Now it is a breeze to manage sounds and kits. What an intuitive and helpful program...thank you!!
Henrik B