DrumIt Manager
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Great products! Now I can drum it (five) my way ;-) Thanks a lot!
Geir N.

I play in an 80's revival show and we have about 45 tunes and I have an individual kit built differently for every one of them!! I was able to apply some 'verb fx to entire kits or individual instruments in a particular kit as needed and this has given me quite a selection of the same individual instrument to choose from when building new kits!!!

DrumIt Mgr works like charm! Very time saving and gives a good overview of your settings.

I can’t believe how easy it is, wicked software mate.
Paul Willard, Loopmasters

A great relief to configure the 2Box Brain. Provides excellent support!
Andreas S

As I'm getting into this, I can really see how indispensable your tools are!
Mark G

You hit it out of the park with the DKit Manager. Wow - fantastic!

I have 2 modules, both with 32GB SD cards. This software is very helpful for me. Thank you!!!!

I highly recommend this program for any Drumit 5 user, it makes the job so much easier and opens up new functions and possibilities. You've just realized what I wish for a long time, thank you.

Now it is a breeze to manage sounds and kits. What an intuitive and helpful program...thank you!!
Henrik B