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  • SDSE: Simple Drum Sounds Exporter

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This version adds support for the free MT Power Drum Kit 2 VST.

  • support for MT Power Drum Kit 2 v2.0.2
  • support for the Alt-Rock EZX2
  • Addictive Drums 2: batch export of a single instrument type (press Shift+F1 to start)
  • SD3: support for v3.0.3 (hit variation and voice and layer are set before exporting)
  • SD3: the Hats Pedal Closed can be exported.

A new version of DrumIt Manager is available:

DSoundTuner extract
It makes it easy to extract samples from .dsnd files with the original pitch. You can extract from one or several .dsnd files.

DSound Tuner

  • Extract menu to extract samples from one or several .dsnd files with options to restore the original pitch, reverse the order of samples or merge to a single wav for each zone with silence between samples.

DKit Manager

  • fixed issue that prevented some .dsnd instruments to be found when the files were read from the SD card (for Cymbal and Perc folders)
  • factory .dsnd won't be flagged as "CHECK" in the kit reports (CHECK is used to warn about possible double hits in .dsnd files)
  • fixed finding .dsnd instruments and .wav songs when the SD card is accessed as a network drive
This version improves support for Superior Drummer 3 in general and for smaller screen sizes and older SDX/EZX packs in particular.

  • SD3: fixed issues when exporting on smaller screen resolution (1366x768)
  • SD3: fixed cymbal articulations for older SDX and EZX packs
  • SD3: fixed options for the bow shank and bell tip
  • Abbey Road 80's Drummer: support for all octobans
  • Filenames: option to truncate instrument names to fit a character limit, option to keep only width (14 instead of 14x6.5)
  • Filenames: options to rename instruments or brand/manufacturer to lower or upper case (can be useful for modules with small screens)
  • options to sort instruments in folders or folder\subfolder for the Strike and other modules (to sort by instrument or instrument\brand)
This version adds support for Superior Drummer 3 and profiles for the Alesis Strike and Yamaha DTX-Multi 12.

Superior Drummer 3
If you also trigger SD3 through MIDI make sure to set the MIDI mapping to Default before exporting (in SD3 > Settings > MIDI In/E-Drums)
To export cymbals with different bow and bell articulations enable the articulations with the "All articulations" menu in SD3 and set the Crash Bow/Bell or Ride Bow/Bell in SDSE in Options > Zones.
To export the Kick Hit disable the Open articulation in "All articulations".
"Add Instrument" is not supported but replacing kit pieces with different instruments from other SDX/EZX packs should work.

  • support for Superior Drummer 3 (3.0.1 minimum)
  • support for tom rimonly articulation for SD3 and SD2, cymbal and ride bow/bell options for SD3.
  • Drum Module profiles with settings for the Alesis Strike and Yamaha DTX-Multi 12 - thanks to Jman, Chaser and Jacky
  • Samples: options to set the maximum duration of samples for each instrument type.
  • The maximum size is displayed for each instrument type depending on the Maximum amount of samples, maximum length and 16-bit/Mono options.
  • support for PIII kit from GetGood Drums Halpern Drums v2.
  • fixed possible issue with default settings for Drum Module profiles (when a module configuration file was deleted without deleting the main configuration file)
  • updated recommended REAPER version.