• DrumIt Manager: more tools for your 2Box DrumIt Five and DrumIt Three

    2box kit editor, manage your .dkit files, tune your .dsnd files Read More
  • SDSE: Simple Drum Sounds Exporter

    From VST to WAV, DSND and DKIT in one click Read More
  • Closemul: emulator frontend helper

    Add features to any emulator or program Read More
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SDSE 2.6.6
  • Convert can be used for modules other than the 2box DrumIt (it allows to processs samples with the Convert settings and apply length limits)
  • added Roland TM-6 Pro settings profile
  • fixed exporting PIII ride from GetGood Drums Halpern
  • fixed default hihat setting for the DrumIt profile

DrumIt Manager
  • DSound Tuner: the new Max Tune can be previewed (check the box to preview the maximum tuning, uncheck to preview with the default pitch)
  • DKit Manager: fixed displaying echo and flange effects (display was switched but didn't affect saved files)