• SDSE: Simple Drum Sounds Exporter

    From VST to WAV, DSND and DKIT in one click Read More
  • DrumIt Manager: more tools for your 2Box DrumIt Five and DrumIt Three

    2box kit editor, manage your .dkit files, tune your .dsnd files Read More
  • Closemul: emulator frontend helper

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    • support for VSDS-X 2.0 (Simmons SDS-V Extended Drum Synthesizer)
    • BFD3: support for the Jazz Noir expansion
    • Convert: Maximize option to set a maximum dB
    • Convert: option to convert to mono by selecting the loudest channel, option to convert to mono with a slightly higher volume
    • Advanced (for AD2, SD3, EZD2, BFD3, SSD5, Perfect Drums, MT Power Drum Kit 2): option to Center Pan mixers when exporting to mono
    • Duplicate samples remover: "minimize gaps" option to prevent gaps between velocities by giving priority to low gaps instead of possible duplicates
    • Samples: "minimize gaps" option to fit the maximum limits and minimize gaps between velocities
    • SD3: support for user instruments (imported audio files loaded as kit pieces)
    • SD3/SD2/EZD2: improved articulation selection for some of the hi-hats
    • SD3/SD2: added prompts to adjust MIDI mapping for Metal Foundry, N.Y. Allaire and N.Y. Hit Factory
    • SSD5: fixed tom2 for Blackbird and David Bendeth expansions
    • BFD3 The Black Album Drums and other expansions: fix to export cymbals with 3 zones set to the Cymbal 2 slot, and cymbals loaded in the perc slot.
    • Kontakt The Black Album Drums: new default settings when exporting (set drummer's perspective, enable round robins, export both kick drums)
    • Kontakt Abbey Road/Studio Drummer/Modern Drummer: the pedal closed (chick) can be exported for the Strike and other modules.
    • fixed issues when using several monitors

A new version of DrumIt Manager is available:

DrumIt Manager 1.5.2
  • DKit Manager, Sounds: fixed finding .dsnd instruments when loading a single kit
  • DKit Manager, Sounds: fixed issues when using Search and Refresh
  • Accessibility: DKit Manager and DSound Tuner can be used with the JAWS screen reader
  • Accessibility: when using NVDA or JAWS the Sound settings for the enabled zones use numbers instead of plus and minus characters ("2" instead of "-+-")
  • keyboard shortcuts to load previous/next .dkit from the same folder. F11: Load Previous .dkit from same folder, F12: Load Next .dkit from same folder
SDSE 2.8.1
  • EZD2: support for EZdrummer 2 Demo
  • Convert: fixed default Maximize option (ride cymbals were not always set as loud as possible)
  • SD2: normalize zones when the "remove rim sounds on snare head" option is used
  • SD3: fixes to export custom kits with pieces from different SDX or from the same SDX that are loaded in different slots
  • 2box: fixed rare issue when saving .dsnd files (saving would fail)
  • fixed possible issue when selecting regions on REAPER 5.97
  • GetGood Drums Modern, Invasion: improved duplicate samples detection
  • SD2 accessibility: fixed possible issues with the presets menu (F10, Load/Save) and when saving to dsnd

DrumIt Manager 1.5.1
  • DSound Tuner, Match: fixed issue when matching velocities and volumes to a reference dsnd - thanks to Steven for reporting this
  • support for Perfect Drums (drums and kits only, sampler is not supported)
  • support for GetGood Drums Invasion - thanks to Chris S. for testing
  • GetGood Drums Halpern: added all instrument names, simplified check boxes to select pieces - thanks to Ryan for feedback
  • GetGood Drums Modern & Massive: added all instrument names, simplified check boxes to select pieces
  • Alesis Strike and other modules that can play .wav files: it's now possible to export 3 zones at once from a hihat (bell, bow, edge)
  • Alesis Strike and other modules: MIDI regions are now renamed to zone names to better identify .wav files - thanks to Ryan and Josh for feedback
  • Alesis Strike and other modules: prevent identical or almost identical instrument names in the same kit
  • 2box, SD3: fix to export a hihat with less than 3 articulations - thanks to Chris H. for feedback
  • SD3: fix to export the hi-hat closed bell
  • Kontakt: fix when exporting from Kontakt 5 (when adding Kontakt 5 to the project instead of Kontakt 6)
  • BFD3: support for BFD3 3.3.0
  • improved check for free space on Destination Path (export is cancelled if there is not enough space to export the selected kit)