• DrumIt Manager: more tools for your 2Box DrumIt Five and DrumIt Three

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  • SDSE: Simple Drum Sounds Exporter

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  • Closemul: emulator frontend helper

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  • Samples: option to fit the maximum limits by removing samples evenly instead of checking samples (to minimize gaps in velocities)
  • SD3: fix to export kit pieces from a different SDX when loaded in a kit that doesn't contain any pieces from the current SDX
  • SD2: fix to avoid exporting Mute for cymbals when it's not selected - thanks to Joackim for reporting this
  • EZD2: support for Modern/Vintage version 1.1.0 (new mapping and fixed instrument names for certain kit configurations)
  • SD2/SD3: added Disable Humanize option in Options/Advanced (moved from SDSE_SD.ini, enabled by default)
  • updated default settings for the Alesis Strike profile (click Reset  in Options to get the new default settings) - thanks to Siren from SiREN-DRUMS
SDSE 2.7.1
  • support for the Drums Of Destruction and Custom Shop EZX2
  • SD2 accessibility: menu to select all options when loading presets with F10, Load/Save
  • SSD5: fix to export some 14" toms, added percussions, hihat foot splash and chick - thanks to Siren from SiREN-DRUMS and Andrew for the feedback
  • new default settings for the Alesis Strike profile - thanks to Siren from SiREN-DRUMS
  • Drum Module profile with settings for the Alesis DM10 MKII
  • Samples: options to set different minimum/maximum/length for the most open hihat articulations
  • option to add velocity to wav filenames (Options > General > Filenames: add velocity)
  • option to remove brand name from instrument names (Options > General > Filenames: Brand: remove)
  • option to fit hihat articulations by removing from the first open articulation
  • fixed abbreviations for some brand names

Accessibility keys:
  • F9: focus on the VST list and jump to the next available VST
  • F10: Superior Drummer 2 or Addictive Drums, open a menu or access preset menu.
  • F11: Superior Drummer 2 or Addictive Drums, open a menu to select kit pieces.
  • CTRL + F11: Superior Drummer 2 preview selected piece

DrumIt Manager 1.5.0
This version supports the NVDA screen reader for accessibility to the blind and visually impaired.

  • DKit Manager: channel faders are linked correctly when assigning them to different groups
  • DKit Manager Copy to Folder: option to allow duplicate dsnd among the exported kits ("Uniques" to avoid duplicates, "Everything" to export each kit independently for backup purposes)
  • DKit Manager Copy to Folder: fixed issue when copying a single kit without a title
  • DKit Manager Unit •••: added HType (DrumIt Three)
  • DKit Manager Report: added zone and layer information for .dsnd flagged with "CHECK"

Accessibility improvements:
  • DKit Manager and DSound Tuner can be used with the NVDA screen reader - thanks to Cody for all the feedback
  • F1 to F6 to select the main tabs (Kit •, Kit ••, Layout, Unit •, Unit ••, Unit •••)
  • F7 to select the first of the other tabs, F8 to select the last tab
  • Kit and Unit: press Page Up/Page Down to select the previous/next Pad (or group of setting for Unit •••)
  • Kit: press Enter on any setting to preview the sound, press Enter on the kit name to preview the kit.
  • Kit: Up/Down on instrument names: select previous/next dsnd press Up/Down on any up-down setting to increase/decrease the value
  • the preview keys (X, C, V, S, D, F, G, E, R and T) can be used on the Layout tab
  • press Alt + one of the preview keys (X, C, V, S, D, F, G, E, R and T) to hear the second rim zone for 3 zone snare, edge for cymbals or foot splash for the HiHat
This version adds support for Steven Slate Drums 5.
It also works with SSD5 Free which is a fully functional demo that contains a full kit.

  • support for Steven Slate Drums 5
  • SSD5, SSD4: support for the David Bendeth and Terry Date expansions
  • accessibility: when NVDA screen reader is running SDSE will use it for all status messages
  • accessibility: improved F9, F10 and F11 menus for SD2
  • GetGood Drums Halpern: fixed setting mapping with Kontakt 6 and the latest Halpern version. Make sure to use the PIII checkboxes to export the PIII pieces
  • GetGood Drums Modern & Massive: added checkbox to export the Mega Bell Ride
This version adds support for Kontakt 6.
To use Kontakt 5 you can add it to the project like this (or send me a message and I'll send you the file)
  1. open Reaper with the SDSE project
  2. click Add near the bottom/left of the Docker window and add Kontakt 5 to the list
  3. remove Kontakt 6 from the list
  4. save the project as SDSE_kontakt5.rpp

  • support for Kontakt 6
  • fixed detecting Abbey Road in Kontakt
  • SD3: fixed issue when exporting on smaller screen resolution (1366x768)
  • Pearl Mimic: normalize to -6dB to match the stock sound library (with default settings when Maximize is enabled)