• SDSE: Simple Drum Sounds Exporter

    From VST to WAV, DSND and DKIT in one click Read More
  • DrumIt Manager: more tools for your 2Box DrumIt Five and DrumIt Three

    2box kit editor, manage your .dkit files, tune your .dsnd files Read More
  • Closemul: emulator frontend helper

    Add features to any emulator or program Read More
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SDSE 2.9.4
  • Superior Drummer 3 / EZdrummer 2: support for the Latin Cuban Drums and Latin Cuban Percussion EZX2 expansions.
  • Convert: allow batch convert from .wav to .dsnd when a folder contains some bad/corrupted wav files (the bad files will be ignored)
  • support for REAPER 6.14

DrumIt Manager 1.5.8
  • DSound Manager Create: "Velocity Switch" can be used to create a dsnd with up to three areas for the Head and the Rim.
  • DSound Manager Create: allow converting from .wav to .dsnd when a folder contains some bad/corrupted wav files (the bad files will be ignored)
  • DSound Manager Edit: you can now increase the volume of any zone by up to 6 dB (use with caution)
  • DSound Manager Edit: press Enter while on any button or setting to preview the sound (random velocity, press Shift+Enter to play the highest velocity)
  • DSound Manager: press Page Up/Page Down to select the previous/next zone.
  • DSound Manager Edit: fixed issue when removing groups of duplicate layers and increasing the volume of the zone - thanks to tsss27 for reporting this
  • DKit Manager Kit Normal mode: added tooltips when a .dsnd is missing (red), damaged or moved (yellow) or its filename is truncated (grey)
  • DKit Manager Kit List: press Ctrl+Up or Ctrl+Down to move the current kit or selected kits up or down in the list.
  • DKit Manager Kit: press the Apps key on a pad button to open the Pad Copy/Paste menu.
  • DKit Manager Sounds: press the Apps key or Enter on a dsnd to open a menu to assign it to a pad.
  • DKit Manager Kit: when pressing Enter on settings to preview the sound a random layer is selected (press Shift+Enter to play the highest velocity)
  • DKit Manager: faster pad preview keys (X, C, V, S, D, F, G, E, R and T, in main menu, Kit list or Layout tab).
  • DKit Manager, DSound Manager: fixed playback issue on Windows 10 (the attack could be faded) - thanks to tsss27 for reporting this
  • DKit Manager Kit: fixed sound playback issues after selecting a kit with an empty pad - thanks to tsss27 for reporting this
  • DKit Manager: replaced the four kit layout buttons with a drop down menu.
  • fix when exporting from SSD5.5 and from unsupported drum VSTs.
  • SD3: support for the Legacy of Rock SDX expansion.
  • SD3: support for Superior Drummer 3 v3.2.1
  • SD3: fixes when exporting on screens smaller than 1366x768, tested as low as 800x600 (1366x768 or higher is recommended)
  • SD3: fix for Death SDX with Blood Red preset (caused by Valve Distortion Box), or any VST or preset that produces a short noise when rendering begins.
  • SD3: fix to find SDX expansions installed without their installer.
  • SD2 accessibility: improved F10 and F11 menus, should now work when SD2 displays alert messages.
  • support for REAPER v6.13

A new version of DrumIt Manager is available. Thanks to Jman, tsss27 and edcito for testing and for the support.

DSound Tuner has new features and is renamed DSound Manager.

All the base features of the new DSound Manager are free:

  • Create: build a new .dsnd from .wav
  • Edit: preview and inspect zones and layers
  • Extract: extract a .dsnd to .wav
  • Match: match velocities from one .dsnd to a reference .dsnd

DSound Manager is accessible to the blind and visually impaired, like Dkit Manager and SDSE.

Build a new .dsnd from big .wav files or individual .wav samples.
The interface is inspired by DSoundTool, with some options found in the 2box Editor and with more options.
- you can create a .dsnd with up to 128 layers
- Tune option, loop option (like the 2box Editor)
- create a 3 zones snare, or a snare with a velocity switch for the head zone
- hihats can be built with just a edge or bow zone instead of filling all articulations for both
- produces the same velocity values as the 2box Editor
- option to preserve the sample order
- option to maximize (or not) the samples
- option to sort samples by loudness instead of volume

Preview and edit a .dsnd file. The interface is inspired by DSoundTool, with more options.
- click from left to right on the buttons to hear different layers
- click on the layer buttons to open a layer view
- adjust balance for each zone of a .dsnd (adjust default panning of a cymbal)
- adjust pitch for each zone of a .dsnd (tune a cymbal bell)
- check boxes to select zones (to remove one or several zones from a .dsnd, like removing a tom rim, ride edge, or making a light version of a hihat)
- check boxes to select layers (to easily remove one or several layers from a .dsnd)
- compatible with the newer .dsnd from 2box (to display the zone names)

  • .dsnd association: DSound Manager is now associated by default to inspect and edit .dsnd files
  • DSound Manager Create: build a .dsnd file from .wav (detection of individual samples or files containing all layers for a zone, support for velocities.map)
  • DSound Manager Create: option to sort samples by loudness, by volume or to keep the filename order (supports loud to quiet or quiet to loud)
  • DSound Manager Create: quick zone selection, if your .wav filenames or folders contain zone names the other zones will be added for you
  • DSound Manager Create: when creating a hihat the open levels from one zone are duplicated as needed to the other zone without increasing the .dsnd size.
  • DSound Manager Create: you can set several zones to the same .wav without increasing the dsnd size
  • DSound Manager Create: select "Snare Vel Switch" to create a dsnd with up to three velocity areas on the Head zone.
  • DSound Manager Edit: uncheck some zones and save as a new file to easily remove one or several zones from a .dsnd
  • DSound Manager Edit: settings to adjust pitch for each zone (can be used to change the pitch of a ride bell for instance)
  • DSound Manager Edit: settings to adjust the volume and balance for each zone.
  • DSound Manager Edit: layer buttons to inspect and select layers, uncheck one or several layers in the list then save to a new .dsnd
  • DSound Manager Edit: detects duplicate zones and flags them with "!"
  • DSound Manager Extract: when a dsnd contains duplicate zones they won't be extracted.
  • DSound Manager Extract: create velocities.map (compatible with DSoundTool)
  • Dsound Manager Tune: faster sound preview.
  • DKit Manager: faster sound preview (for Windows 10 in particular)
  • DKit Manager: Edit in DSound Manager, select the Edit option in the right-click menu on pad buttons or in the menu when pressing Enter in the sounds list.
  • DKit Manager Kit: preview closed articulation by default for the HiHat when a single kit is loaded.
  • DKit Manager Kit: improved EQ preview.
  • DKit Manager Check: option to remove all unused .dsnd names from the kit bank.
  • DKit Manager Delete: removed "Uniques" option when loading a single kit since it's only used for kit banks.
  • Accessibility: when assigning a sound in the Sound list the list remains selected instead of going to the Kit list
  • adjusted scale for high DPI screens.
  • .ini option to increase the scale or decrease the font size
  • support for GetGood Drums P4 Matt Halpern Signature Pack (with Invasion mapping)
  • 2box, hihat: the hihat adjustments from before 2.9 are back, in a new way. It allows to duplicate zones when needed without increasing the dsnd file size.
  • 2box, Velocity Curve: Loudness option, to base curve on loudness instead of volume (does not preserve original sample order)
  • 2box Convert: fix for potential issue on some computers when converting from individual .wav to .dsnd
  • 2box, Convert: fix to use both the order and velocities when using a velocities.map file to convert from individual .wav to .dsnd
  • 2box, Convert: improved sorting order when converting from individual .wav to .dsnd
  • 2box, Convert: fixed issue when converting from less common .wav formats - thanks to tsss27 for reporting and testing.
  • Superior Drummer 3: fix to find EZX expansions installed as "Additional Libraries".
  • Export: fixes when exporting from an unsupported VST.
  • support for REAPER v6.12c