• SDSE: Simple Drum Sounds Exporter

    From VST to WAV, DSND and DKIT in one click Read More
  • DrumIt Manager: more tools for your 2Box DrumIt Five and DrumIt Three

    2box kit editor, manage your .dkit files, tune your .dsnd files Read More
  • Closemul: emulator frontend helper

    Add features to any emulator or program Read More
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  • SD3: support for the Area 33 and Hitmaker SDX.
  • SD3/EZD3: support for the Post-Metal EZX3.
  • SD3: support for the one-shot preset sounds that can be assigned to different pads in the kit with "Search for instrument".
  • SD3: support for instruments assigned to a different pad, like a Kick loaded on a Tom pad (limited to a single zone when it's meant for a different type).
  • Zones, Crash Bow, Crash Bell, Ride Bow, Ride Bell: select "all" to export both Bow and Bow2 or Bell and Bell2 (not available for the 2box DrumIt)
  • support for the MixWave Gojira Mario Duplantier update with three new pieces (Timbale High, Timbale Low, Babar).
  • support for Addictive Drums 2 v2.3.3
  • Perfect Drums: improved support to work when it takes some time to respond.
  • Perfect Drums: fixed exporting snare when the sidestick is selected in options.
  • Render/Convert: options to convert to 48000 Hz .wav files.
  • support for REAPER 6.75