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This software is awesome! I am sure more 2box modules are sold because of this software then their own marketing. Also the support is top notch and one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had with a company.
Chris S.

The software itself is a miracle. I am an enginner and I am still stunned how it just gets everything right from the rendering to the amount of layers and the customisable options. And should anything go wrong the support is outstanding.
Markus Stretz

SDSE is absolutely insane! It's exhausting to create each .dsnd file and probably I would use most of the original 2box sounds without this tool (actually probably I would use a Roland kit without SDSE for 2box).

After a few clicks with the SDSE I have an extensive variety of realistic sounds from my VST library and also the kit file. It's a dream to have VST sounds with the convenience of a drum module!
Thank you very much for it!
Rafa Freitas

What a nice program you have made!! It has really brought new life to my 2Box. The only bad thing is, now I want all the drum programs it handles :-)
Christian N

Using BFD3 drum samples transforms the Drumit Five completely, from something which sounds like e-drums into something which is almost indistinguishable from a real drum kit.

SDSE is a *super* slick and easy way to accomplish this; at this price you'd be crazy not to buy it!
Mark B,

This program is a must, and wonderful support if needed.

I got everything working great. I really like the sdse software I cant live without it now.
Mark J.

Your SDSE tool is real gem, I have already added at least 7 great kits and all my favorite cymbals to Drumit Five module :)
Janis R.

In all honesty, I've never felt better purchasing a piece of Software. My Support ticket was answered 10 minutes after I sent it, the Problem was solved 20 minutes later. The Software is really good. Many config Options, and a rather creative way of handling the Sound Export ;) SDSE and Drumit Manager are no-brainers. Now all that's left to do is modding the SD Card of my Drumit Five.

So I've gotten my Superior Drum samples on there. I first tried the default kit, and my jaw dropped. I compared it to the stock sounds, then back to SD2. No comparison. Oh my god these drums sound real now! Finally I knew what everyone was raving about.
Adam W.

Your tools are really good, makes all the difference in making the 2Box what it can be and do! Great work, support, and updates.

I played a kit I exported live a couple days ago with the Avatar kit as a 'field test', and afterwards someone came up to me and told me I was the best drummer they've ever heard.
Jan T.

Great software and awesome support whether it's regarding SDSE, the VST or even the OS. For me there is no using 2box without SDSE!

It's a no brainer, sit behind your computer for hours and hours on end making samples OR purchase SDSE, click export and go do something more valuable with your time.

I am very pleased with SDSE and the new world it has opened for me and my 2box. I use it everyday.
Geir N.

This software is amazing! I was building kits within minutes of buying SDSE. The customer service is the best I have ever seen.
Wes Hunter

Having been in the sample industry for over 10 years I know how laborious sampling and in particular Multi Sampling can be, SDSE has been an absolute godsend and getting professional sounding ready to play sounds into the studio 2Box no longer fills me with dread. Kick some life back into your dusty Drumit5 seriously you will not look back...
Paul Willard, Loopmasters

2box newbie here... While the module isn't the easiest thing to use SDSE has made it very simple to get the sounds I need from Superior Drummer 2 to the module! This is a MUST HAVE!!!!
Jeff B., Ostrich Hat

I've recently read multiple how-tos on creating DSNDs and the more I read the more I'm impressed with what you've done. Great work!
Bill G.

One of the best investments for anyone with a 2Box module!
Scott W.

The quality of the DSND files generated by your tool is far superior to manually generated DSNDs. Great tool!
Christian P.

What your software does in minutes would have taken me days to do.
T. C.

This thing is amazing... When the orange haze descends and things start happening real fast, it's a beautiful sight to behold!
P. M.

SDSE is a great software... Amazing simplicity.
Ismael M.

I'm truly amazed by your software. It's the perfect tool, worth every cent. I'm really enjoying my drums now.
Ales P.

HOLY GUACAMOLE! The construction of the Superior kit was ripping in the sequencer.
Magnus L.

This tool is really helpful. I had no desire and no time to extract all the files from Superior Drummer 2 and then do all the things to generate .dsnd files. With SDSE it's so simple.
Tobias K.

SDSE ROCKS! This is one incredible tool. I have spent countless hours building dsnds one at a time. This tool makes it a super simple and super fast process for doing an entire kit in minutes.

This will be a game changer for many VST fans.
DrumIt Manager

This is a must have addition for your 2box it saves so much time editing. The support is great too.

Great products! Now I can drum it (five) my way ;-) Thanks a lot!
Geir N.

I play in an 80's revival show and we have about 45 tunes and I have an individual kit built differently for every one of them!! I was able to apply some 'verb fx to entire kits or individual instruments in a particular kit as needed and this has given me quite a selection of the same individual instrument to choose from when building new kits!!!

DrumIt Mgr works like charm! Very time saving and gives a good overview of your settings.

I can’t believe how easy it is, wicked software mate.
Paul Willard, Loopmasters

A great relief to configure the 2Box Brain. Provides excellent support!
Andreas S

As I'm getting into this, I can really see how indispensable your tools are!
Mark G

You hit it out of the park with the DKit Manager. Wow - fantastic!

I have 2 modules, both with 32GB SD cards. This software is very helpful for me. Thank you!!!!

I highly recommend this program for any Drumit 5 user, it makes the job so much easier and opens up new functions and possibilities. You've just realized what I wish for a long time, thank you.

Now it is a breeze to manage sounds and kits. What an intuitive and helpful program...thank you!!
Henrik B