Frequently Asked Questions
SDSE stands for Simple Drum Sounds Exporter (or Super Drumkits from Sweden).
The requirements are the same as the VST and enough space on the hard drive.

Absolute minimum
RAM: as low as 0.5GB (512MB) for a VST that doesn't use a lot of memory.
Hard drive: 0.5GB (512MB) of free space.
Screen: as low as 800x600.
OS: Windows XP SP2

RAM: 4GB or more to be comfortable. 8GB and more is perfect to export from bigger sound libraries like BFD3.
Hard drive: 10GB or more of free space while exporting, to convert big kits in the best quality.
Screen: big enough to display the whole VST without scrolling
OS: Windows 7, 8 or 10 64-bit
You can find a guide on how to run Windows on a Mac with VirtualBox (free) here.

 The steps are:
  1. use Boot Camp (free), or install VirtualBox (free) or install Parallels.
  2. install Windows - can be free if you have an old license from a previous computer
  3. install your drum VSTs in Windows (it should be possible to share the sound files
  4. install SDSE
It will take a bit of time to set up depending on how many drum VSTs you have but you'll save a lot more time by using SDSE to export your drum sounds.
Yes, what is set in the VST is what is exported. You can use all the settings available in the VST and that's what will be rendered and converted to .wav or to the DrumIt format. It is also possible to add external effects.

If the VST supports it you will get the bleed from the Snare wires in the Kick sound even if you are only exporting a Kick. For instance in Superior Drummer 2 the snare wires can be heard in the Kick sound even if the snare is disabled. When "bottom wire snares" is disabled in the Tool Settings menu of Superior Drummer 2 the Kick and high toms will sound different. For other VSTs you may need to export the whole kit to get the bleed sounds, or at least the kick, snare and toms at the same time. You can export from a single piece to a full kit at a time.
With some VSTs like Superior Drummer, EZDrummer, BFD, the amount of samples in the resulting files (one sample per .wav file or .dsnd for the DrumIt Five and DrumIt Three) can be identical or very close to the amount of samples contained in the VST. It is also possible to adjust the "Export Mode", "Remove duplicates" and "Samples" settings to get the exact amount of samples you prefer to use for each instrument and zone.
You don't need to download and install REAPER and DSoundTool separately, they will be downloaded and configured during the SDSE setup.

SDSE requires REAPER to render from the VST, and DSoundTool to convert to the .dsnd format. It can be used in other ways so it's all optional, but for the DrumIt Five and DrumIt Three you need both.
REAPER has a 60 days fully functional trial after which it's $60 for private use.
DSoundTool is donation-ware (amount of your choice to Médecins sans Frontières or WWF)
When SDSE installs REAPER it will configure it with the recommended settings. You may just need to set the paths to your drum VSTs if they are not located in the default locations.
No, those settings are meant for playback and recording, not rendering. You can safely use Wave Out in the REAPER version that was installed by SDSE and you won't miss on sound quality at all. REAPER renders the sounds directly to files so we don't need the low latency benefits of ASIO. It's OK to set it to DirectSound or Wave Out. The .wav files should be 100% identical between WaveOut, DirectSound and ASIO.
First, uninstall all versions of Java you have installed on your computer.

64-bit Windows
Download and install jre-****-windows-x64.exe
Then in C:\Program Files\SDSE, click on dsoundtool64.bat
If DSoundTool opens, everything is OK

32-bit Windows
Download and install jre-****-windows-i586.exe
Then in C:\Program Files\SDSE, click on dsoundtool32.bat
If DSoundTool opens, everything is OK
Here's a list to get an idea about each VST:

  • EZdrummer 2 - lots of expansion packs, not many samples, more processed sound
  • Addictive Drums 2 - has expansion packs, not many samples, more natural sound
  • DrumMicA Kontakt library - free, about as many samples per kit piece as BFD Eco/Abbey Road, 3 zone cymbals.
  • BFD Eco - compatible with the BFD2 expansion packs but limited to 24 samples (48 for the snare) even if the pack contains more samples
  • Abbey Road Drummer / Studio Drummer Kontakt libraries - 3 kits at most per library, 3 zone cymbals
  • Superior Drummer 3 - SDX packs have about twice the amount of samples as EZX packs, 3 zone cymbals for new SDX, more natural sound compared to EZdrummer
  • Steven Slate Drums 4 - has a few expansion packs
  • Drumasonic 2 and Drumasonic Luxury Kontakt libraries - no expansion packs, a clean sound said to be interesting to people who know how to mix a drum kit
  • BFD3 - has expansion packs, many samples (the biggest libraries) so requires more RAM, 3 zone cymbals, sounds more natural.
The following VSTs contain at least one cymbal with 3 zones:

  • Superior Drummer 3 and its new SDX libraries
  • Superior Drummer 2 with Music City SDX or Roots SDX
  • EZdrummer with Funkmasters EZX (only 1 crash cymbal, not many samples)
  • BFD3 (many samples, requires a recent PC)
  • BFD3/BFD2/BFD Eco with Zildjian Digital Vault expansion pack (BFD Eco can load it but won't use all samples)
  • Native Instruments Abbey Road series, Studio Drummer, Modern Drummer for Kontakt 5/Kontakt Player
  • Sennheiser DrumMicA for Kontakt 5/Kontakt 5 Player (this one is free)
Each of the following VSTs have at least one cowbell with two zones:

  • Metal Foundry and Rock Warehouse for Superior Drummer each have one cowbell
  • BFD3 stock library: 2 cowbells
  • BFD2 stock library: 1 cowbell
  • Abbey Road 70's, Abbey Road 80's, Modern Drummer, Studio Drummer each have one cowbell
SDX libraries contain about twice as many samples as EZX libraries and sound less processed.

  • Avatar (Superior Drummer 2) : Pop/Rock (EZdrummer)
  • Music City SDX : Nashville EZX
  • Metal Foundry SDX : Metalheads EZX
  • Rock Warehouse SDX : Rock Solid EZX
  • Custom and Vintage SDX : Vintage Rock EZX
Samples dynamics
If you notice that exported instruments lack dynamics check that the VST preset doesn't have too much compression. Excessive volume can also have the same effect.

Velocity curve
You may be interested in trying the Velocity curve settings in Options/Export. If you set it to 2box DR1, DR2 or DR3 you'll get almost the same curve as the 2Box DrumIt Editor curve but it will go lower. The result is that the softer hits will produce quieter sounds which increases the perceived dynamics between soft and hard hits. Try DR1, DR2 and DR3 settings on your favourite snare to see if you prefer it to the default curve.

Exporting can take a long time for cymbals and hats, here are ways to improve the speed:

  • if C:\ is not the fastest drive in your computer for writing, go in the SDSE Options/General and set Destination Path somewhere on your fastest drive.
  • move your VST sound library to your drive which has the fastest reading speed. For Superior Drummer SDX, move the "SL-..." folder to your faster drive. In SD2/Settings, use "Remove" then "Add Path" and select the "Sounds" folder located in the "SL-..." folder.
  • make sure no other program is using CPU while you render.
  • avoid exporting Presets when you just want the default sound for a kit: with all drum VSTs, rendering will be much longer if you load a kit through the Preset menu. If you just want the raw sound make sure not to use the Preset menu from the VST before exporting and only load pieces as a kit (Construct menu for SD2).
  • Export Mode "Medium": if you set Export Mode to "Medium" in Options rendering will take about half the time for a kit with cymbals and hats, but will find slightly less samples.

Tip: Use "Medium" mode to try various kits on your module, then go back and use "Per VST" (same as "High" for most VSTs) to make final versions of the kits you prefer the most.
When exporting an alternate version of a kit, you can use the text field in SDSE to add a few letters, up to 3. SDSE will add "_" + your custom suffix to the .dsnd filenames.
You can use a tool like Rename-It (freeware) or similar to select each folder tree for each kit individually and add a suffix before the .dsnd extension: "_RV" for reverb.
Drag the folder with the files you want to rename to Rename-It, select "Rename > Filename with extension" in the menu, then "Add filter > Search and Replace", then "Find:" .dsnd and "Replace:" _RV.dsnd
You will have to make a new .dkit file once you have adjusted the filenames. If you added "_RV" to the filenames, then open AD and SDSE, set up the same kit and press F8 (there is a button for this in SDSE 2.0). SDSE will create a .dkit file for the current kit and with the suffix you wrote in the text field. The .dkit should match your renamed files.
The result will be identical but on Windows 32-bit you may encounter issues with DSoundTool.

Converting to .dsnd with DSoundTool requires Java. On Windows 32-bit Java is limited to use about 1.5GB of memory which means there's a slight risk that DSoundTool could eventually produce an out of memory error. SDSE makes sure to save as much memory as possible by using settings that have been found to minimize the issue but the Java limit is so low it may still happen when exporting a full kit at once.
The 64-bit version of Superior Drummer 2 is available on the Toontrack website as the update to v2.3.2, it contains installers for both 32 and 64-bit.
EZdrummer: "can't read kit information"
If you get this error message from SDSE you may have a file permission issue with your Windows installation that prevents EZDrummer from saving presets. A quick way to solve it for EZdrummer is to reinstall it in the "My Documents" folder.
No sound from BFD2 version or
A possible solution recommended by Fxpansion is to install ASIO4ALL
For Windows 8 install ASIO4ALL 2.11beta2 or newer.