• SDSE: Simple Drum Sounds Exporter

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  • DrumIt Manager: more tools for your 2Box DrumIt Five and DrumIt Three

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  • Closemul: emulator frontend helper

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SDSE 2.9.8
  • support for more free VSTi from Alan Vista: Clavestinas, Clog Boxes, Cymbalistic, Hand Crash and Thai Gongs.
  • BFD3: support for BFD3 from inMusic/bfddrums.com
  • BFD3: support for the Crush expansion.
  • BFD3: support for the rim click articulation for the first five toms (high, mid2, mid, floor 2, floor), set Tom Rim to Rimonly in Options > Zones.
  • 2box Kit: when creating a .dkit file the Decay is now set to 10 by default instead of infinite to help reduce latency.
  • 2box: fixed batch converting .wav samples to Loop .dsnd (when copying .wav samples in "SDSE Sounds", clicking Convert and checking "Convert all to Loop")
  • 2box: disable .wav dithering when Max Tune Up is used or when converting from already split samples.
  • SD3: fixed issue that prevented exporting from SD3 v3.2.4 when too many presets were installed.
  • SD3: the Ruff articulation can now be exported (enable "Ruff" for the snare in SD3 and set Snare Rim or Snare articulations to "Drag" in the SDSE Options)
  • GetGood Drums Invasion: added Ruff as second zone of the alternate snare, fixed China L mapping and exporting Bell L, Bell R.
  • Kontakt: fix to allow exporting from unsupported sound libraries that use multiple instruments instead of a single instrument (like Core Kit from vi-elements)
  • fixed setting sort folder option to "instr".
  • fixed possible issue after checking REAPER.
  • fixed support for the older version of VSDSX 1.0
  • support for REAPER 6.28

DrumIt Manager
  • DSound Manager: fixed Loop option.
  • DSound Manager: disable .wav dithering when Max Tune Up is used or when Maximize is not used.