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Here's a great trick that was found by Matt Lee:
You can enjoy the same memory saving benefits as the Max Tune Up feature from the 2box DrumIt on the Alesis Strike!
The new SDSE version allows to use the Max Tune Up option with the Strike profile. It saves a lot of space for a small loss in sound quality. You can try different values to find what you prefer, increasing max tune will lower the sound quality and save more space.

  1. in the new version of SDSE, set Options > Convert > Max tune up to 5
  2. export some instruments with SDSE and copy them to your Strike SD card
  3. open the Strike Editor and create your new instruments, making sure to set the 'SEMI' parameter negative to match your max tune setting (for max tune up 5 in SDSE, set SEMI to -5 in the Strike Editor)